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We accompany your investment throughout the whole investment cycle.
From the acquisition to the exit you only ever have one contact.

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Prime Invest offers investors Club Deal. Feel free to contact us. Please fill in the fields and agree to the privacy policy

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    Phone appointment

    For the first contact and your questions about our portfolio, we look forward to your call. You will receive the same technical information.

    On-site appointment

    We also like to come to you and get to know you personally. We’re glad to make your acquaintance. We are flexible and no way is too far.

    Project appointment

    We can also meet in one of our many open projects. You get an impression.

    Clubdeal feature

    A special feature of a club deal (Private Placement) is that it may not be offered to the public. The intended investment is being prepared, but until then there is no ready offer. The selection of the asset, the review of economic data and the legal and tax requirements, the preparation of an indicative calculation, the preparation of the contract are just a few tasks that need to be done in advance.

    Also, the name of the investment is not fixed at this time. As part of a constitutive meeting, the parameters of the intended investment are discussed and ultimately determined between all investors. At this meeting, the total equity to be provided must also be shared between the investors. A later admission of further investors is not possible. The investment is described in corresponding contracts, the preparation of a Prospectus is waived.

    You will not find an offer on this website. Nevertheless, various investment opportunities are constantly being prepared and reconditioned. If you are interested in a club deal your commitment is required.

    Please contact Prime Invest. In a personal conversation, we will discuss the current investment opportunities with you.

    Also an important aspect that should be paid special attention: If you plan an investment, but do not want to take all the financial risk alone, it is worthwhile to contact Prime Invest. We structure your project for a club deal and take care of the legal features. Prime Invest also helps with further searches for co-investors.

    To contact Prime Invest please fill out the fields in our contact form and agree to the privacy policy. Or give us a call.

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