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Regional Aircraft Fund for Investment Aircraft (2)

Regional Aircraft Fund Part 1 read here Favorable Investment Opportunities Important for our Regional Aircraft Fund: The Target Airlines represent the top tier airlines in the industry with direct or indirect state shareholders. A number of them officially report unencumbered assets. In addition, the strong credit provided for access to capital markets for all of …

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investment aircraft airbus family

Aviation Investment Fund

Aviation Investment Fund for an Investment Aircraft How does a worldwide crisis affect an Aviation Investment Fund? First of all, catastrophically, because the airmen earn their money in the air and not on the ground. Only the most necessary flights are carried out, airports completely close down or restrict traffic. Airlines’ flights are suspended for …

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investment aircraft Power to Liquid betankung

Climate neutral flying

Power-to-liquid is a storage system in which electricity is first used to generate hydrogen through the electrolysis of water (power-to-gas). The hydrogen thus produced can then be converted to hydrocarbons with carbon monoxide or dioxide in a synthesis. Various syntheses such as methanol synthesis or Fischer-Tropsch synthesis (FTS) can be used. The hydrocarbons can be …

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Multifamily Investment mit Prime Invest Garden Style

Multifamily Investment with Prime Invest

Multifamily Investment with Prime Invest – a development in preparation Prime Invest is currently preparing a new Multifamily Investment for semi-professional investors in the Southeastern United States. An investment in the development of a multi-family residential complex in the US is characterized by short investment time and high income opportunities. The demographic data speak for …

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