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Multifamily is the pearl for a real estate investment in the USA


Multifamily in the USA is the most attractive property market in the USA, which is historically proven.
In America, many institutional investors specialize exclusively in this market segment. In Germany, too, this realization is catching on, as more and more private and institutional investors are dealing with Multifamily.

2,000 residential units realized

Prime Invest has so far realized approx. 2,000 residential units in the Multifamily area.

Prime Invest accompanies you

Prime Invest accompanies a Clubdeal Multifamily from the planning phase through until further use.

Rising Trend

The trend towards rental apartments that has intensified in recent years will continue on a sustainable basis:

  • Largest economy in the world with positive growth forecasts
  • Dynamic population growth, approx. 2 million persons p.a.
  • 2nd place in the Global Competitiveness Report (2019); Switzerland 1st place; Germany 5th place
  • World’s largest property market. Share in world market 25%, that is more than the entire European real estate market. 20% will be invested in Multifamily. American real estate markets are extremely liquid = high trading volume
  • Job growth is a major factor of demand for rental housing.
  • The Millennium, a population of about 80 million of 18 to 30 year olds, is pushing the rental markets
  • Renting of living space accommodates the high mobility of the Americans
  • The US tax reform favors the renting of apartments and increases the cost of home ownership
  • Age-related loss of building substance
  • Agglomeration on the metropolitan areas, especially on the secondary markets

Exit Strategy

Particularly attractive for our Real Estate Multifamily Investment is a short-term exit strategy, as institutional investors such as REITS or Pension Funds specialize exclusively in multifamily and are constantly looking for new multifamily investments because they are not allowed to do any development themselves. Alternatively, Multifamily is also suitable for portfolio construction.

Multifamily Portfolio

Setting up a proprietary Multifamily portfolio as a long-term real estate investment means that the ongoing management of Multifamily investments is of particular importance. Prime Invest works with highly specialized multifamily management companies. A clear and on request very detailed reporting is the basis for a transparent real estate investment.

From the property to attractive living

From the beginning of construction to completion usually only takes 14 to 18 months. The first tenants move in earlier, because the first houses are already finished when the last one is still being built. After completion, the plant must still be leased for at least 95% for 6 months(stabilization), then the sale can be made to an institutional investor. Investment duration: approx. 20 to 36 months.

Multifamily from Prime Invest – preferred property investment in the USA

Realized Multifamily Developments

Fairfield Lakes, Pensacola, FL

268 garden style apartments. The investment started in January 2002,
after 32 months the plant was sold in November 2004. The return on investment for investors was about 21% p.a.
The project was realized with 3 investors.

Clubdeal Multifamily Fairfield Lakes

The Lofts, Atlanta, GA

The Lofts at 5300 Peachtree, Chamblee, Atlanta

242 lofts. The investment started in September 2003. The project was successfully sold to a new investment company.
The project was realized with 8 investors.

Investmentpotential Real Estate

Walden Legacy, Knoxville, Tennessee

236 apartments, investment beginning was May 2004, after 30 months the plant was sold in October 2006. The interest rate for investors was more than 30% p.a.
The project was realized with 11 investors.

Multifamily Walden Legacy
Multifamily Fairfield Lakeside Place

Lakeside Place, Starkville, Mississippi

Students Housing Community for 500 students. Construction began in August 2005 and was completed in November 2006. The property was sold despite the crisis.
The project was realized with 1 investor

Watercrest Place, Killeen, Texas

In 240 apartments with 720 bedrooms, apartments were created, which are designed primarily for members of the military.

Construction began in October 2006, the property is completed and was sold at a profit despite the crisis.
The project was realized with 1 investor.

Clubdeal Multifamily Prime Invest

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Glossary Multifamily

Multifamily opportunistic

Multifamily is particularly well suited for a club deal and as a short-term investment. Building, leasing and selling to institutional investors can be realized in 20 to 36 months.

Multifamily individual investment

In the case of a single investment, the investor determines the exit strategy of the Multifamily investment. There are opportunistic and long-term investment strategies.

Multifamily  Portfolio

Multifamily I also particularly well suited for a portfolio construction. An early start, already in the development or the construction phase, increases the return for the stock considerably.

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