Real Estate Investment

Down-to-earth tangible investment with potential and prestige.

Real estate as an investment

Real estate as an investment and a constant asset belong in every asset portfolio. Diverse different disciplines such as demographics, technology architecture, law, financing, tax issues, systemic features and much more must be well coordinated together to realize a successful real estate investment. Real Estate Investment by Prime Invest stands for profitable investments

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A real estate investment is also ideal for a long-term commitment.

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A real estate investment offers the opportunistic investor a variety of options.

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Portfolio construction

A real estate investment enables a risk-diversified portfolio construction.

Investment Potential Real Estate

Real Estate Investment Fairfield Lakes

Prime Invest offers its investors comparatively high returns due to its lean structure. We focus on the premium segment in the respective market segment in which we operate. Depending on the requirements of the investors, we offer both short-term real estate investments and real estate as an investment with a longer holding period. Real Estate Investment by prime Invest stands for profitable investments.

Real Estate Investment multi family

Even in the early stages of a real estate investment, we enable investors as part of a club deal (Private Placement) or as a single investment in real estate as an investment to participate.
Already when buying a piece of land, together with the developer, the parameters for the intended Real Estate Investment discussed and set.

Frankfurt - Kaiserstr. 58

In the boulevard of Frankfurt, just 100 meters from the main train station, developed high quality apartments and commercial space. The upper apartments offer a fascinating view of the skyline of Frankfurt. From the underground car park, the apartments can be reached directly by a lift.

real estate frankfurt kaiserstrasse
real estate investment frankfurt

Frankfurt - Münchner Str.

An office building across from the main station in Frankfurt am Main, which is leased long-term to a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn

Investment REWE

The REWE market has been leased to REWE for 20 years. It runs to the complete satisfaction of the tenant and has since been expanded to include a REWE beverage market

Real Estate Investment Rewe Markt
real estate investment unterfoehring

Unterföhring near Munich

In Unterföhring, directly on the city limits to Munich and with the best connection to the public transport, emerged in 4 office buildings 27,500 sqm of modern office space. The buildings were sold to various institutional investors.

Prime Invest accompanies you

Prime Invest accompanies the investments from the identification of the assets, over the holding time, up to the recovery. Great attention is already paid to the respective exploitation opportunity during the acquisition. The old merchant rule: the profit is in the purchase, but also in the sale, is still valid today.

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Glossary Real Estate Investment

Real Estate Investment USA

Risk spreading, also from a geographic point of view, is a strong motivation for a real estate investment in the USA.

Real Estate Investment General

The tangible property is an important investment and component that must not be missing in any asset portfolio.

Real Estate Investment Europe

For a real estate investment in domestic currency, the European markets offer many opportunities.

Real Estate Investment Historically

In the long run, real estate investments are the best survivors of any crisis. Man lives in and with real estate.

Real Estate Investment Today

Low interest rates, high demand for housing, new demands on technical equipment are good reasons for a real estate investment.

Real Estate Investment Tomorrow

Today’s real estate must also meet the requirements of tomorrow. State of the art technology is a prerequisite for this.

Real Estate Investment Living

An inherent feature of the system is that when there is a drop in demand for living space, about 3 years pass before the first apartments are ready for occupancy.

Real Estate Investment Students Housing

The number of students is increasing, but there are too few needs-oriented properties near universities. An interesting special mobile.

Real Estate Investment Retirement Home

People are getting older, the need for age-appropriate living is constantly increasing. A special mobile that demands high specialized knowledge.

Real estate investment office

Modern office properties in good downtown locations with good transport connections are always in demand.

Real Estate Investment Retail

A strong change characterizes this division. However, convenience stores and food markets will have long term access.

Real Estate Investment Hotel

The demand for hotels, in the area of ​​business and also in the field of leisure is growing sustainably: a special property with a special charm.

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