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A club deal (formerly private placement) is ideally suited to the realization of large projects and investments in premium assets. In a small community of interests with only a few investors, such projects can be optimally realized. A club deal requires that at the time of the investor approach, there is no ready offer. Already a fixed name for the investment may indicate that a completed offer exists. Prime Invest provides interested semi-professional and professional investors with all the information they need to make an investment decision and invites them to a constitutive meeting where decisions on the final parameters / terms for the investment are made At this meeting, it is essential that all of the equity needed be shared among investors so that the investment qualifies as a club deal. Another fund-raising after this session is no longer possible.
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Private Investor

Investing in a club deal is aimed exclusively at professional and semi-professional investors and is not suitable for private investors.

Professional investors, see section 1 para. 19 no. 32 of the German Investment Code (Kapitalanlagegesetzbuch – KAGB)

“Professional investors” are any investors deemed professional clients within the meaning of Annex II of Directive 2004/39/EU or investors who can be treated as professional clients upon application.

Definition semiprofessioneller Anleger nach § 1 Abs. 19 Ziffer 33 KAGB

Semi-professional investors are

a) any investors

aa) who undertake to invest at least EUR 200,000;

bb) who state in writing in a document separate from the contract governing the investment obligation that they are aware of the risks associated with the intended obligation or investment,

cc) whose expertise, experience and knowledge are assessed by the AIF management company or distributor commissioned by said company without assuming that the investor possesses the market knowledge and experience of the investors outlined in Annex II section I of Directive 2004/39/EC,

dd) with regard to whom the AIF management company or distributor commissioned by said company, taking into account the intended obligation or investment, is sufficiently convinced that they are in the position to make investment decisions themselves and understand the associated risks, and believes such an obligation is appropriate for the investor in question, and

ee) to whom the AIF management company or distributor commissioned by said company has confirmed in writing that the aforementioned assessment in section cc) has been performed and the conditions listed in section dd) have been fulfilled,

b) who are managers or employees of the AIF management company as outlined in section 37 para. 1, insofar as they invest in an AIF managed by the AIF management company, or are members of management or the board of directors of an investment company managed by a third party, insofar as they invest in the investment company managed by a third party,

c) who undertake to invest at least EUR 10 million in an investment fund.

I confirm that I have read and understood this notice. I additionally confirm that I am a professional investor as defined in section 1 para. 19 no. 32 of the German Investment Code or a semi-professional investor as defined in section 1 para. 19 no. 33 of the German Investment Code.

No Offer

The content published on this website is not an invitation to invest, nor does it constitute an offer to buy, hold or sell an investment or investment vehicle, or any other product mentioned on this website. It also does not solicit a request for legal or regulatory action Other transactions are for informational purposes only and may change at any time without prior notice

The information does not constitute a recommendation or assistance with respect to investment decisions or other decisions. It also does not constitute advice of any kind. We strongly recommend consulting an expert before making an investment decision.

Clubdeal for Real Value Investments
from Prime Invest

Multifamily in the USA

Aircraft for long-distance and regional air traffic

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Glossary Clubdeal

Clubdeal Real Estate Investment

First-class real estate has its price, which as a single investment could often mean a lump risk for the investor. With a club deal this is elegantly avoided.


Clubdeal Multifamily

Foreign land, foreign currency, other legal and tax systems are just a few peculiarities that are easier to shoulder in a small community of interests.

Clubdeal Investment Aircraft

In particular in the premium segment Widebodies the expenses are so great that it makes sense to implement a Aircraft investment as part of a club deal.

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