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Power-to-liquid is a storage system in which electricity is first used to generate hydrogen through the electrolysis of water (power-to-gas). The hydrogen thus produced can then be converted to hydrocarbons with carbon monoxide or dioxide in a synthesis. Various syntheses such as methanol synthesis or Fischer-Tropsch synthesis (FTS) can be used. The hydrocarbons can be processed by deposition of the water formed by refinery processes to commercial fuels and chemicals and chemicals.
Power to Liquid promises to enable climate neutral flying. The technology for kerosene from water and wind energy, however, so far runs only on a small scale. Aviation executives such as Raoul Hille, the head of Hannover airport, are now calling for the air traffic tax revenues to be used for large-scale industrial implementation.

Aviation industry relies on climate-neutral flying

Depending on the type of calculation, aviation accounts for around two to five percent of the world’s man-made greenhouse gas emissions. Although aviation’s share of total pollutant emissions is relatively low, climate protection is high on the aviation agenda.

Aviation industry relies on climate protection

Already in 2009, the industry agreed to reduce emissions in order to realize climate-neutral flying in the foreseeable future. The plan of the International Air Transport Association IATA envisages CO2-neutral growth in aviation from 2020 onwards. By 2050, emissions are expected to fall to half of 2005 emissions in spite of growth. The Bureau of the Federal Association of the German Air Transport Industry (BDL) is quoted by the Frankfurter Allgemeine: “We want to achieve that aviation-related CO2 emissions fall to zero”.

Prime Invest relies on climate neutral flying

Investment Aircraft Power to Liquid
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Prime Invest expressly welcomes this development. Stopping or slowing down the international growth of aviation through prohibitions is a fight against windmills. A national taxation of kerosene would result in the aircraft refueling more fuel abroad, which, because of more weight, would automatically lead to higher consumption. The solution to realize climate-neutral flying is environmentally sound techniques.

The further development of climate-friendly kerosene alternatives requires political will, in other words additional financial resources. In order to finance such projects, the aviation tax of approximately one billion euros per year should be earmarked for this purpose, according to a demand from the industry.

“Using renewable energy, CO2 and water can be used to produce synthetic kerosene, which makes it possible to fly CO2-free, and on a laboratory scale, that’s on a large scale within ten years,” said the advocates for climate-neutral flies.

Better combustion properties

Synthetic fuels have even better combustion characteristics than conventional gasoline or diesel. The quality of synthetic fuels and their use in various transport sectors are already being investigated and assessed by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and Aviation Fuel Projects Consulting
Europe has the opportunity to take a world-leading role with power-to-liquid technology, which would be a blessing to the environment. Not to mention the enormous economic importance. A development that also meets with great interest in the auto industry. Because with the synthetic fuels existing engines can be operated without modification.

Usig the surplus wind energy

Existing infrastructure could be used for climate-neutral flying. Instead of turning off the wind turbines in northern Germany, because the power grid can not absorb the available energy, synthetic kerosene could be produced from this surplus energy.

Depending on the calculation, the synthetic fuels would cost around € 3.50 to € 5.00 today, without taxes. In the case of large-scale industrial production, this price could possibly be reduced to about € 1.30 or even to € 0.70. A prize that our environment should be worth to us. We only have the one.

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