investment aircraft a sustenable asset

Investment Aircraft A 350

The number of passengers have been increasing worldwide for years. With an investment aircraft, the investor demonstrates his open-mindedness to technical progress. Also, such an investment represents a significant prestige. Investment Aircraft a sustenable asset demonstrate responsibility.

All market analyzes expect sustainable growth of approx. 5% per year for the next 20 years for air traffic. This is a key argument for our club deal Investment Aircraft asset class.
The demand from investors for attractive investment opportunities is correspondingly high. The airlines prefer to finance entire fleets or substantial parts of their orders in one deal. This is a major obstacle to an investment aircraft. Who wants to transcribe an entire fleet?

Prime Invest sees this issue as a challenge and an opportunity: Our club deal Investment Aircraft approach is now taking effect.

Off-market deals

Long-standing contacts and experience from far more than 100 transactions with a volume of more than USD 30 billion result in the opportunity to present and structure off-market deals.

No bidding process

The usual bidding process in this asset class, we can avoid in most cases. This gives us the opportunity to reliably structure a club deal or a single investment.

Pivotal point: Selection of aircraft types

Of course, the quality of the lessee is very important. Even more decisive for a successful investment aircraft, however, is the choice of aircraft types.

State-of-the-art technology, maintenance-optimized operation, optimized operating costs and high acceptance by the airlines are prerequisites for our selection. Investment aircraft a sustenable asset require also  low fuel consumption.
The aviation markets are currently undergoing a phase of concentration and selection. As a result, there is a constant need for available aircraft, if it is a popular type of aircraft.
A good reuse after the first, usually 12-year Lease is a crucial criterion for our investment.

Club deal and individual investment

We prepare Investment Aircraft as an individualized individual investment and also as a club deal.
We have been active in the investment aircraft market segment for more than 25 years.

Experience and competence

For the ongoing care and control of the aircraft takes care of our Aircraft Manager. He ensures that all legal requirements are met and monitored. This not only allows safe flight operations, but also a good reuse option after the first rental. The experience of more than 100 transactions with a total volume of well over 30 billion USD ensure that your aircraft is well maintained.

Invest in Investment Aircraft with Prime Invest.

Focus on long haul and regional air traffic.
We focus on long haul and regional air traffic. Particularly sustainable growth rates are expected from all aviation experts for these submarkets.  We focus also in investment aircraft a sustenable asset. That means aircraft types with latest technology and low fuel consumption.

Long distance

In the long-haul segment, we are moving in the absolute premium segment. The focus is on the four most sought-after aircraft types in the world: the A 350 with its smaller sister, the A 330; the Boeing 787 (Dreamliner) and the Boeing 777. The latter has experienced a lively demand since the production stop of the A 380 became known.
As a lessee for the long haul only premium airlines come into question.

Regional air traffic

Regional air traffic is our second pillar in our investment aircraft. Here, too, we pay particular attention to the choice of aircraft types. Since the total cost of these aircraft are not quite as high, they are also well suited for individual investments of family offices.
Preferred aircraft types are: A220, CRJ900 / 1000, Embraer E195 and the ATR 72.

Investment aircraft a sustenable asset.

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