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Prime Invest News is online

News-Page of Prime Invest is online, we keep you up for club deal, you are welcome . The various contributions appear clearly under the categories
– Prime Invest News is online
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– Real Estate Investment
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At irregular intervals, you will find current contributions here under the individual categories. No matter if it concerns current market situations or the contract for an interesting investment was granted, here you will find interesting facts about the topics clubdeal and individual investment. We keep you up for club deal.


We focus and with our asset information on the areas Multifamily, Real Estate Investment and Investment Aircraft. But we are not just focused on these areas. We always look to interesting investment alternatives, as long as they are tangible assets.

Your Benefit

Even if you have access to an investment opportunity and wish to capitalize on this investment strong partners, we are the right contact for you. We look closely at the plan, and when we come to the conclusion that it is suitable for a product Prime Invest, we structure a club deal. In addition, we assist in the search for co-investors.


We design our investments as a club deal and individual investment according to different preferences. Our real asset investments are suitable for the conservative investor and also for the opportunist investor. For the latter, we aim for a short maturity with above-average returns. Nevertheless, our calculations are always very conservative. Nothing is worse than unfulfilled expectations. We want the expectations placed in our investments to be fulfilled. All the better, if these are exceeded.


An essential part of our company philosophy is the structuring of a community of interests. All participants earn according to the achieved result, whereby the interest of the investors precedes. Only when a certain return was determined in advance for the investors, Prime Invest also participates in the percentage of the result.
You will not find any offers on our website. Rather, we maintain contacts with investors and address them when an investment opportunity that fits into the respective investment profile results. This happens at a very early stage of the project, in which many parameters are not finalized. On the design of the investment can be influenced in this way to a certain extent still.


A close communication structure with our investors is indispensable. Sometimes, there are special investment opportunities in a short time window, which requires a certain decisiveness of the investors. The acquisition of assets requires deep market penetration, but is only one side of the coin. Without reliable investors who treat and ultimately decide on these investment opportunities with the appropriate preference, a good investment can not be made.

Active Investors

Prime Invest therefore relies on your assistance. If you are interested in a club deal or a single investment in the three divisions Real Estate Investment, Multifamily or Investment Aircraft, please contact us.
We remember your investment wishes and come to you as soon as a corresponding possibility becomes feasible.


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Do not hesitate to contact us, we will take time for you.

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